Who is Shayan Khan

Shayan Khan is a Pakistani actor, film producer, and entrepreneur who has established himself in both business and pop culture. Since his arrival to the United States as a young teenager, Shayan Khan has grown into an international tycoon. In the footsteps of his late father, Khawar Farooqi, and guided by elder brother Zain Farooqi, he embarked on an inspiring journey to launch his career. Shayan has risen to stardom on the big screen in just a few short years. Presenting his entrepreneurial spirit, he is now a managing member of ‘Now & Forever’, the chain of stores sprinkled across the Greater Houston Area in Southeast Texas. His business acumen led him to invest in real estate development and team up with his brother to form ‘Zashko Entertainment’ in Houston, Texas. This collaboration was integral for producing various projects featuring Shayan Khan, including the recently released hit film ‘Na Band Na Baraati’ and the highly anticipated movie Money Back Guarantee.

Movies and Series Featuring Shayan Khan

Shayan Khan is a renowned film producer and actor in the Pakistani movie industry. He is known for his unique acting style, which combines realistic portrayals with commercial elements. He painstakingly created his own production house and embarked on his journey in Lollywood cinema. He made his debut as an actor with the movie ‘Na Band Na Baraati’ released in 2018. Furthermore, Khan produced and starred in Money Back Guarantee and Be Someone, a television series in 2021. Below is the list of projects by Shayan Khan.

1. Money Back Guarantee

Faisal Qureshi’s Money Back Guarantee is an enthralling Pakistani film that will take you on a captivating cinematic journey. Filming for the movie concluded in late 2019 and was shot primarily in Karachi and Thailand. The filming of scenes and completion of the soundtrack only took 40 days! An impressive cast of actors, including Mikaal Zulfiqar, Ayesha Omar, Javed Sheikh, Jan Rambo, Gohar Rasheed, and Hina Dilpazir, as well as Mani Ali Safina Adnan Jaffer and Kiran Malik, are set to star in the upcoming, highlyanticipated entertainer. Shayan Khan is also part of the lead cast, as well as the producer of the Money Back Guarantee. Mark your calendars – the much-anticipated film is set to arrive on April 2023!

2. Na Band Na Baraati

Na Band Na Baraati was directed by Mahmood Akthar and starred Shayan Khan, Mikaal Zulfiqar, Nayab Khan, Komal Farooqi, and more. Written by Harish Kumar Patel and produced by Zashko Entertainment. The film was released in 2018 and was more of a cinematic treat for everyone. The movie follows the life of a Pakistani family situated in Toronto, Canada. At its core is Shayan Khan’s compelling portrayal of Shahid – the heart of this story. When Ayesha, his girlfriend, mistakenly weds Mikaal Zulfiqar on paper while she has already entered into Muslim Nikkah Rituals with his younger brother, chaos erupts and hijinks ensue!

3. Be Someone

Be someone is a TV series set to release in 2023. The plot revolves around Former High School Football phenom Lavelle Sander’s struggles to keep his family afloat in the face of a bleak economy. With days left before he loses ownership of his house, Lavelle must make an urgent decision that could potentially alter his life forever. Shayan Khan’s character in the series is “a Pakistani gangster who owns a club and enjoys immense wealth. His on-screen wife, Michelle, plays an equally vital role in accompanying him throughout the show. It’s worth noting that Khan had already portrayed a rich, bratty character before when he starred in the movie ‘Na Band Na Baraati.’

4. Mandi

The upcoming web series Mandi, Saba Qamar portrays the intriguing narrative of a young Pakistani politician as Uzma Rana. Shayan Khan, Ainy Jaffery Rehman, and Mikaal Zulfiqar also star in pivotal roles. Production for this project has been taking place for over a month now in Lahore. Get ready to experience an intense battle between two political forces!

Shayan Khan as a Film Producer

Maintaining a budget for the production is also an important consideration, as well as choosing a location for filming and securing all necessary permits. Film producers are responsible for ensuring that a movie meets the needs of its audience. A good film producer will work with the director to make sure that viewer expectations are met or exceeded. Film producers typically have a strong knowledge of films and filmmaking techniques and an understanding of current market trends.

Shayan Khan is a thoughtful and forward-thinking producer in the film industry. Being well experienced in the business, Shayan has worked on several films as both a producer and an actor. He is known for identifying promising projects and bringing them to fruition through careful coordination with the creative team and strong budget management skills. He now has a following of over a million!

Shayan Khan’s Life Before Fame

Shayan Khan’s father was a supporter of Pakistan, and he endlessly supported the youth of Pakistan. Though they resided in the US, Khan’s parents ensured that Khan and his siblings maintained the cultural values and societal norms of their home country. Shayan Khan always had an entrepreneurial and developed mind-set. Not to mention, he is not just a part of the entertainment industry; he has also entered the IT and development sector.

Fun Facts about Shayan Khan

Shayan Khan might be a blend of an introvert and extrovert, but there’s much more to him than meets the eye. We have compiled 5 interesting facts that everyone should know about this up-and-coming Pakistani star.

  • From the moment Khan stepped onto St. Michael’s Convent School’s stage, he knew that he wanted to pursue a career in acting – and it turns out his gut feeling was spot on! Even at such an early age, Khan had already developed a passion for performing, which continues to this day.
  • Shayan Khan is a hardcore traveler.
  • Leveraging his lifelong interest in acting, Shayan raised the bar and enrolled at the Lee Strasberg Institute of Film and Television Acting in 2012.
  • In 2013, Shayan Khan bestowed the honor of being crowned Mr. Pakistan World and earned the title of Mr. Personality in that competition!
  • Shayan Khan is known for being selective with his film roles.