A model is a canvas of a brand. There is no better way of promoting your brand than having a great model. By modeling one showcases a product, brand, and etc. Therefore, the glamour world attracts many young men and women who want to become a model. It’s a dream of every model to become a successful and known face in the industry. Competition is stiff and thousands if not millions want to be part of this glamorous industry. Every person that’s competing with you may look just as good as you, have the same physical characteristics or better that the industry see’s as a standard by which to select people, but what sets you apart?.

If you want to be a part of this glamorous industry, professionalism is the key to success. The advice below may be the starting point of you becoming somewhat professional in the field of hunting a modeling gig.

1.Understand your field
This is the basic step before entering the modeling industry. This means that as a rookie, you must know the trends going around and remain aware of the popular styles, requirements, and news. Keep up with the trend, yes you maybe a trendsetter like me, but have you gotten to the point where you can set the trend? Well if not let’s try to follow what sticks first before you start experimenting. Its good to have your own style, but keeping up with the industry is key for beginners.
Knowing your market is also helpful. Go out to different agencies in your area, talk to fellow models, artists, and actors to discern between picking the agencies that will best represent your interest. Find an agency or agent that will represent your interest.

2.Contact a good agency
Select an agency that meets your criteria this will be a good foundation for your career. Be aware and advised that a good agency or agent will never ask for any money up-front & a good agency would never make you sign a contract of perpetual adhesion.
Search for the best agency by getting online and make a list of those who seem credible. If an agency is worthy, it will find you the right gig.

3.Always remain alert
In this cutthroat competition, you must be aware of the pros and cons of this industry. Keep your moral intact and do not allow anyone to play with it. Don’t compromise your ethics or lower your standards to desperately land a gig.
Do regular auditions, and don’t be disheartened if you don’t get selected, maybe the role didn’t fit your profile, maybe it was something else, but if you remain steady, you’ll win. It may take 5, 10, 15 or even more auditions for you to land your first gig. Keep confident, and believe in your abilities. Don’t give up!

4.Go for professional head-shots
This should’ve actually been number one, but I figured to give you guys the hard part before. However, this simple sounding task maybe the most daunting one fir some people, as it takes visiting a professional photographer, having good clothes, the right look, and etc. Plus some people may feel like they are not ready, want to get in shape, or wait till this hair grows out more, or etc., but remember CONFIDENCE is key, you are who you are, and if you believe in your self your photo today with the current look or current body be the one that gets you selected.
Get a professional head shot as soon as possible, you can always get more, but this first one gets you started at the very least. This will make sure that you have built an effective portfolio with many different looks of you (the product you’re selling). Also remember for your portfolio, and know that it is important to showcase your range of looks and characters.

5.Get the exposure
Do not get stuck in a particular area like editorial modeling, commercial modeling or petite size modeling. In other words don’t limit your scope, go for everything, you never know what sticks. Start networking in the entertainment industry, and create relationships with other models, actors, and artist from the field. This will prove to be very helpful in facilitating your career and growth as a model.

Shayan Khan, is a popular Pakistani-American Actor, producer, entrepreneur and entertainer. He was titled as Mr. Pakistan World in 2013. In his modeling time, he started doing print ads, commercials and corporate videos. His first full feature movie ‘Na Band Na Baarati’ is set to be released World Wide in December 2017.

With his vast years of experience, he provides lots of tips to upcoming models. His tips are considered as the aspiration for those young men and women who follow them trying to break into the Entertainment Industry.

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