Asuccessful name in the entertainment industry, Shayan Khan is a true believer that acting comes with a lot of certainties. When interviewed, Shayan Khan says, “If you are thinking about what other people are doing, then it is generally wastage of time. So, it’s better to stop thinking about the failure and success of other’s. ”

In todays time the audience has to be intrigued by you. The time where the cookie cutter approach worked is over. The viewers are looking for something new, something relevant, something that drives them off their comfort zone. These days movie trailers end up showing the entire movie, and it shows how badly the current artist are trying to copy what’s been done before them, hoping they will be number two. So my advice is be yourself and be number one!

The rom-com movie he is right now doing shows the excellent work of Shayan Khan. According to him, he doesn’t have to do anything with the other’s people’s life. He is happy in his own. This is his debut movie in which he has done original work, and weather the audience likes it or not is up to them. He wont be trying to copy others that succeeded before him in hopes of gaining overflow. Khan believes in originality, “I am going to be myself and the audience will like me for who I am.”

On asking him, he says making a name for your own self is very difficult as there are many ups and down. What is hidden in the future can never be expected. You can never know whether the project will be a big hit or a flop. What you can know is that you did your best and you are original. We should remain ready to face any kind of challenge. Shayan is an entrepreneur and model, who has taken risks and believes strongly in the saying “no risk, no reward.” With his charming personality, he has become the heart throb of many. For any actor, it has become unpredictable now how the people react on the movie as viewers are spread all over the world. However, Shayan says success and losses are all part of the game. If you fail, take it as a learning lesson, if you pass cherish the moment, and strive for more, but never be disheartened or give up.

Shayan’s debut movie ‘Na Band Na Baraati’ is an Urdu Feature Film, which is directed by Mehmood Akhtar and co-directed by Sheraz Ahmed. “Doing a romantic-comedy movie is quite difficult because tickling the funny bone of the viewers is quite tricky, but that’s what we are here to do. The movie revolves around Pakistani families living in Canada. It’s a beautiful movie with a mixture of love, compassion, mischief, entertainment and culture.

Apart from his debut movie, Shayan is looking at other good scripts, and says he will be getting involved in another project by 2018. “I really enjoy doing the movie and in future also want to do some different characters that can mark an impression on the viewers. “

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